Hinckley Swimming Club has been an established club since 1910 and is both a teaching and competitive club and our swimmers range from young children to verterans.

The swimmers are coached by fully qualified, friendly and dedicated staff.

We have a teaching pool and a main pool at our main venue at Hinckley, we also run a couple of sessions at Bosworth College in Desford. 

Our mission is to enable the people of Hinckley and surrounding areas to develop their swimming, then to participate in both competitive and recreational swimming irrespective of age, gender, colour or creed.



Swimming Programme


Hinckley Swimming Club is committed to the ASA National Teaching Plan and has developed the plan in all swimming sessions.

Swimmers begin at stages 3 to 4, this is where they master water confidence through to basic strokes. They will continue with both water skills and stroke development. At this stage they will work through stages 5 to 6 and will be able to swim all four strokes before moving into the main pool.

Once swimmers are competent and have achieved a good stage 6 they progress to the main pool where they will continue with stroke development and start to improve their stamina and learn the early basics of competitive swimming.

 We run sessions on Tuesdays and Sundays. We encourage our swimmers to swim a couple of times a week even early on to help progress and reduce drop off between sessions.

Teaching & Junior Sessions

 We follow a teaching based programme till the children are through the first 1-2 years of competitive swimming generally at 9-10 years old. 

Squad Development

After the culmination of our teaching programme at round 10-11 years old, we have a squad based system which is based around training for competition. 

Our performance section is very measured, our philosophy is to produce the best athlete at maturation so focus on quality throughout and playing for the long game.

Club & Masters Squads

 We have sessions running through the week for swimmers outside of the performance squads with a lesser competition structure to the performance squads. 


Interclub Galas    

We have two diddy teams which consist of Swimmers who ages range from 9 to 12 yrs inclusive. Each squad have their own captains. 

Hinckley Swimming Club competes in both local friendly galas and they also compete in the Leicester, Nuneaton and Arena Leagues. Our teams travel all over Leicestershire and the East Midlands to compete against other clubs.


Club Championships    

 Championships are held in September and October with events for youngsters in the teaching pools all the way up to events like the gruelling 400m IM. Any member of the club can enter. 

 The club championships are licensed so swimmers can achieve qualifying times for county championships.  Medals are awarded for every race to the top three, we have a presentation evening that follows on.


County Championships

 Our swim year is focussed on the county championships that are held in February each year. Age categories range from 10 years (as of closing date 31/12) to Open (17+). 

 We encourage our swimmers to enter if they qualify!  


Regional Championships

If swimmers qualify they can also enter the East Midlands Championships, these are held in May at Corby for the Under 14s and Sheffield for the over 14s. Our top squads ultimate target is to achieve representation here.


Open Meets

 We encourage our competitive swimmers to take on some open meets. We have a varied selection throughout the season, we even throw in a couple of longcourse meets too! 



With the exception of the head coach the workforce at Hinckley SC is voluntary. We need every year to replace and add new coaches, new gala officials, new people to run our committee.

Our AGM is held every December.


Nuts and Bolts

Swimclub Manager

 Since 2009 we have been using a on-line membership system. This is a central database that the club uses for administrative purposes. 

 When you join the club you will be given a LOGIN, this allows you to update details, add times, awards and also access restricted parts of the website.


Website Calendar

 All the information about the year ahead is kept on our calendar. All bear trophy and club championship dates are kept on here as well as galas, closures and shut downs. 


Shutdown and Closures

 We have two shut-downs during the year. One at Christmas for 10 days or so and for a 2 week spell at the start of the summer school holidays. Session fees take these into account. 

 We don't generally run sessions on the Sunday before a bank holiday with the exception of May Day.

 Fees per session are charged based on a number of 40 sessions per year, taking into account shutdowns and closures and unexpected closures which are rare but can happen. 

 Likewise on nights where the club championships are running and there is no training session and again the individual choses not to participate, fees will also not be refunded. 



The club has a policy to support families of those who may have been may redundant or have some other difficulty that makes paying full fees difficult for a time. The club will judge on a case by case basis, but we take a positive approach to looking after our members interests and we like to play the long game and don't wish to see our members have to suffer through no fault of their own. 

Please speak to the club secretary if you need some support.