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Hinckley Swimming Club Water Polo  
Every Sunday, Tuesday & Wednesday

We started the water polo section in late 2007 with just a junior team
which has grown such that now we have both a junior and men's teams
competing in local leagues and tournaments. Our junior team is the
only competitive team in Leicestershire and we are the only 
men's team in Leicestershire. In 2010 we hosted the first ever water
polo tournament to be held in Hinckley at the Leisure Centre. Since
then we have held several other matches and tournaments. Now at
the new lesisure centre located in the Argents Mead Hinckley we have
merged Leicester and Hinckley Water Polo together, meaning we now
have two mens teams competing in the Notts league.

The juniors compete as a mixed team ages from 11 to 15 years
in the East Midlands Nottinghamshire ASA junior tournaments
running January to June each year. Our Juniors have been winning
and taking part in these tournaments since 2011, competing against
teams from Grantham, Spalding, Northamptonshire, Hucknall and

Our men's teams, established in 2011 compete in the East Midlands
Nottinghamshire ASA men's league running March to October
each year competing against teams from Bingham, Hucknall,
Leander, Matlock, University of Nottingham, South
Derbyshire and Southwell. And in the 2016 league we have been
on a winning streak!

We're always looking to develop our team and introduce new players
whatever their age to water polo, so if you're inspired then come
down to one of our training sessions for a chat with one of our coaches;
Nick, Chris, Peter, Neil, Ian or Holly.
Or if you have any queries please feel free to contact Holly at;
[email protected]


If you've played before and have recently moved to the area or have
had a break from the sport then we would also be glad to hear from
you so contact us via email or pop down to Hinckley Leisure Centre
during one of our training sessions.

Seniors = Tuesday 9-10
                Wednesdays 8-9pm

Juniors = Wednesdays 8-9pm
                Sundays 8 -9pm

The polo team have recently been fundraising with the help
of Hinckley carnival to improve our facilities and equipment!
We entered in 2013 with our Under the sea float and were
kindly given new balls and hats by the Carnival committee.
Then in 2014 we were 'Polo bears' and received a tablet that
we use to aid in teaching and some new balls and whistles!

This opportunity really helps the Water Polo club to blossom
and grow. All the players who volunteer to help then get to
enjoy new equipment and have a great time on Carnival day
with their team mates!

At the new centre in Hinckley we now have lots of new
equipment, including electronic timing boards for use in league
games and new goals!

We look forward to seeing you all down at the new site for our
Junior tournements we are hosting and our men's games!